Power, economy, and drivability

Euro 5+ Engines

More cost-effective, more eco-friendly, better performance 

The Ducato is available with Multijet Diesel 180 HP power option, so that you can always be sure of the performance that best suits your transport needs.


Comfort-Matic Gearbox

The efficiency of a manual gearbox with the comfort of an automatic (is available upon request)

The automated robotised gearbox with 6 gears plus reverse:

  • Improves performance
  • Reduces consumption
  • Makes driving less tiring, especially on journeys in heavy traffic
  • Using the Up button, you can optimise your gear changes when travelling with full loads on gradients, automatically ensuring the best engine operation for all circumstances 

You can enjoy the choice of 3 operating modes:

  • Automatic for normal driving
  • Automatic up for tackling gradients with a full load
  • Manual for more agile, customised driving order to guarantee maximum efficiency with a fully loaded vehicle or going uphill, use the Up button, which optimises gear shifts and provides more thrust or brakes the engine depending on the circumstances

Available on the 180 MultiJet Power, the Ducato's highest performing engine.


Among the best running costs in its category

The great challenge of every job lies in cutting costs and maximising results without sacrificing quality. For this reason, the New Ducato has been designed to guarantee flexibility, high payload and maximum efficiency. Thanks to a host of features, capacity and practicality have been improved further.

The rear doors are designed to exploit every available square inch for the load, while the side doors open extremely easily. Inside, a range of trim version solutions guarantee top-of-the-range versatility.
The load compartment space is unrivalled: thanks to the optimised distance between wheel arches, it offers a wide and regular shape, designed also to fit shelves, flatbeds or partitions which can be applied extremely easily and safely.